Feb 122009

I don’t know why I hadn’t come across this sooner but I just discovered iFluid.  I must admit, I am intrigued.

The game at heart is simple.  You’re  drop of water and you’re trying to reach a goal without evaporating.

Plunged into multiple adventures arising from our lifestyle, our little friend will have to face various challenges like crossing a bunch of vegetables cooking in a fry pan without evaporating!

I’ve just downloaded the demo and have yet to spend a lot of time with the game.  The origins and mechanics are pretty interesting though.


This innovative title will let you enjoy deep and entertaining interactions with photo-realistic environments. Watch out for objects such as paper, sugar and sponges for they will immediately absorb you while, on the contrary, fruits and vegetables can regenerate you with water.

In I-Fluid the physic goes beyond a simple pyrotechnic effect and becomes the essence of gameplay. Enjoy objects weight, frictions, viscosity, absorption, materials rupture, all of these different feelings coming together for a unprecedented adventure. And thanks to the physic’ unscripted nature, each play has its unique feeling.

The game came from a bunch of students original working on a student project.  For those with Nvidia cards in the 7x, 8x 9x or higher brand, it also uses PhysX.

Issued from a prototype realized by motivated students, the project was then carried by Exkee, an independent studio always looking for innovative concepts. In the end, 5 passionate people have developed the title in one year. The result is an advanced physic game featuring deep interactions with the surrounding environment thanks to Ageia’s PhysX™ engine.

All in all looks like a fun concept.  You can download a demo or purchase the game online.

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