Feb 202009

Ah Friday.  For me it’s been a short week, although it’s felt about twice as long as a normal one.  What better way to round out a long short week (and a payday) with some good stuff cheap?

Let’s start with Dell selling Sony’s PSP for some reason.  While that’s strange, the good news is you can get a PSP Slim for $135.99 with free shipping.  Just enter coupon code PLDWH47D$6BT2J at checkout.

Good Old Games has an Oddworld special on this weekend.   Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus for $16.98.  As always with GOG stuff, it will work on XP and Vista and is 100% DRM Free. Yay!

You can get this cool LEGO Midsize Classic White Dial Blue Watch for $21.99, or 8 bucks off.  Yup, a Lego watch.

Amazon has 4 downloadable games on sale. Richochete Extreme, Build in Time and World Tree are all $3.98.  Big Kahuna Reef 2 is $6.98.

There are 11 pages of 50% off movies, all previous award winners.  All kinds of good stuff to be found there.

You can pre-order Twiight DVDs (and Blu-ray) and save bucks, provided you want the 2 disc or Ultimate Collectors set.  The movie will be released on DVD March 21.

On the fence about Netflix?  New subscribers get 2 weeks of free movies.

There are the cool deals I found today.


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