Dec 182008

Here you have a robot swarm moving a child.  Note the look of paralyzing fear in the childs face.  Obviously their parents promised them a puppy if they would just lie still and let the cute looking, LCD encrusted robot swarm do it’s thing.  This kid will be in therapy for YEARS.

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  2 Responses to “Freakiest child nightmare inducing movie ever. Robot swarm moves a kid”

  1. Can you explain what the heck is happening here? I can’t even figure it out. What is the purpose of this? Is it to prove that robots can travel to light in a straight path? Slightly confused here.

  2. It’s a demonstration that an (all be it small) swarm of independent robots given a task (move the kid) can self organize and coordinate so that the task is accomplished.

    Thus assuring us that when the robot apocalypse does happen, we shouldn’t dress our children in loosely fitting white garments.

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