Nov 022008

Keith Traylor has let us know (a comment in our previous post) that pre-orders for Twilight:2013 are now being accepted. What do you get with your $55?


1) Core Rules – Hardback Book (will ship once printed)
2) Core Rules – PDF
3) Character Generation Booklet (to make generating characters easier with the party)
4) Equipment Booklet (to make drooling over the equipment easier)
5) Character Worksheet Pad (33 character sheets and worksheets in a tear off pad)
6) Laminated quick rules sheet (x5)

I’ve already placed my order – I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

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I've been roleplaying for over 26 years as a player and GM both. I cut my teeth on DnD, moved to Twilight:2000 and Palladium FRPG among others. I now run a Palladium Fantasy 1st edition game with Ben - old school gaming at it's finest!

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  2. Twlight movie is a very very good movie to watch. i love the whole story plus the actors and actresses are all gorgeous.

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