Nov 132008 has a very odd promo going on.  Odd in a cool, David Bowie Space Oddity sort of way.

I’m not sure why they’re featuring this, or how they managed to get a discount price, but heck if you like spaceflight, weightlessness and making $35,000 purchases online then today is your lucky day.

You can purchase a parabolic weightless flight for 10 provided by Zero-G for a mere $35Gs.  That’s more thank $10,000 off the price if you were to buy 10 seats through Zero-G themselves and is a slightly insane thing to purchase over the web.  Insanely cool that is.

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  One Response to “The strangest trip you can buy at a drugstore that doesn’t involve drugs”

  1. Wow, it even had a review:
    One of my friends bought …
    “by Rebecca in Seattle, WA on 8/10/07
    One of my friends bought this for me when I turned 35. At first I thought it would be lame but it totally ROCKED. I loved being weightless! I never thought I would be able to create memories like this. Thank You Zero-G!”

    Hmm I must be a horrible friend. The closest I’ll come to giving you guys this experience is by tossing you all in a swimming pool maybe, or rigging a scale to read ‘0’ when you step on it. Seriously, 35k??? And who thinks, “For my friends birthday I bet they’d really want to be weightless for once their fat a$$ life…” I mean seriously, ouch.

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