Nov 072008

In an attempt to stave off the spectral horseman of Famine, retail stores this year are starting the holiday sales early.  Like now.  I’ve been scouring Amazon for gift ideas for geeks – myself being one of them.  Not only will I pass these on to you, but also to my wife and family.

If you’re into dragons, couple with dungeons and bearded half elves then today may be your lucky day. Dragonlance – Dragons Of The Autumn Twilight the animated movie is just $14.99.

Have you watched Dr. Horrible yet?  Love the music?  Get the soundtrack as a digital download for your MP3 player for just $5.

In that vein, there’s a gigantic MP3 Player sale going on right now.  Amazon claims that all their MP3 players are on sale but I think you’ll find the best deals (some up to 80% off) are on products that aren’t named after fruit.  iPods are only a couple of bucks off.  Still, seeing as I just had my iPod touch stolen out of my pocket yesterday, I may have to pick up a new one.

The Cosmotopia SciFi DVD sale is still going on, with lots of DVDs seeing their prices chopped in half.

If you want stars with a bit less fiction, check out Uncle Milton Homestar which is basically a planetarium for your home.

Two deals for the video gamers in us all.  First, check out the RPG shop with discounts on most titles.  There’s also a buy 2 get 1 free sale for selece Nintendo DS titles.

If Keifer Sutherland in an animated Dragonlance feature wasn’t enough for you, check out 24 – Seasons 1 – 6 for$97.99.  That’s a nice deal, unless your a terrorist.

Risk fan?  Get Hasbro Transformers Risk Game for $13.48 which seems to be a good deal.

The horribly addictive, wonderfully changing tile game Carcassonne is going for$18.45. I’ve spent many an hour with this game.  It rocks.

Lastly, your chance to be King Arthur with the Mega Bloks King Arthur Battle Action Castle with 553 pieces and hours of fun assembling  your castle and pretending you’re the Once and Future King stuck together with blocks.

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