Oct 292008

Jay Lake and Tor have teamed up to bring you another free short story for your reading pleasure.  This time it’s all Fantasy with A Water Matter.  Here’s the first bit.  For more, you gotta go to Tor.com.

The Duke of Copper Downs had stayed dead.

So far.

That thought prompted the Dancing Mistress to glance around her at the deserted street. Something in the corner of her eye or the lantern of her dreams was crying out a message. Just as with any of her kind, it was difficult to take her by surprise. Her sense of the world around her was very strong. Even in sleep, her folk did not become so inert and vulnerable as humans or most animals did. And her people had lived among men for generations, after all. Some instincts never passed out of worth.

Tor has a very cool website.  I’d highly suggest signing up to take full advantage of it!

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